Consultant, trainer and book author.

Vasco Marques is a portuguese businessman, speaker, consultant, and author. He works in the field of digital marketing, and has more than 20 years of experience. He has written several books: Marketing Diigtal 360. Redes Sociais 360, Vídeo Marketing, Marketing Digital de A a Z, and more recently, Agenda de Marketing e Redes Sociais.

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Meet Vasco Marques!

Vasco Marques has already held and participated in hundreds of events related to Digital Marketing, Video Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Social Media, available at

He trained more than twenty thousand professionals in seminars, workshops, training and consulting.

Skills & Performance Areas

Strategy and website

Social media strategy

Video marketing

Digital tools


Google marketing

Vasco Marques had a weekly rubric on the show in portuguese chanel Porto Canal, about Social Media. Also is Invited to several national radio and TV programs, mostly in Portugal and portuguese speaking countries: Angola, Brazil and Mozambique.

Some opinions

"Vasco Marques is an excellent trainer of digital marketing. In addition to a vast knowledge in the area, he has the pedagogical sensitivity to know how to correctly transmit it to all audiences!"

Discovery Douro

"Vasco Marques bets on collecting and processing knowledge and then sharing it with everyone who needs it, in a clear and easy way. I recommend him."


"Excellent Digital Marketing knowledge sharing."

"Excellent communicator.  Thank you very much for your great availability to help companies and people who seek you out!"

"It is the second course I have taken in the field of Digital Marketing with Vasco Marques and I recommend the training! I took distance training in both courses and I always had the necessary support to clarify doubts as well as examples of where I could apply my knowledge!"


"Very well-structured and professional training. Vasco is one of the people with the greatest range of knowledge I know and has an above-average ability to communicate and make himself understood. I highly recommend this Master Digital 360 training."


Online training on digital marketing  (portuguese language)

100% online training courses for a self-paced learning experience!

Master Redes Sociais 360

Alcance maior notoriedade, interação, conversões e vendas no mundo das redes sociais. Desenvolva conteúdos cativantes para ampliar a sua influência junto à sua comunidade. Invista em campanhas publicitárias para impactar novos públicos.

Master Marketing Digital A a Z

Adquira competências estratégicas e táticas de forma ágil e consistente. Descubra as principais redes sociais e defina uma estratégia de marketing digital vencedora.

Master Marketing Digital Pro

Especialize-se em marketing digital e mergulhe nas técnicas de planeamento e definição de objetivos. Crie uma presença online impactante e funcional, saiba como cativar públicos e aumente o alcance nas redes sociais.  

Master Marketing Digital 360

Passe ao próximo nível, com um curso que reúne 18 módulos, proporcionando proficiência em múltiplas áreas fundamentais desde a estratégia à prática. Mergulhe no universo digital e domine todas as técnicas de uma forma integrada.

Vasco Marques

Vasco Marque has more than 20 years of experience, has already held and participated in hundreds of events related to Digital Marketing, Video Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Social Media, available at

He trained more than twenty thousand professionals in seminars, workshops, training and consulting.

With regular intervention in the media, he also participated weekly in TV, in a program with a rubric about Social Media.

He has developed the Master Marketing Digital 360 specialization, giving rise to a new method of increasing performance of online results, which is used in training and consulting.

He is present in the various national regions, but also in international events. Especially in the Portuguese-speaking countries, where he held the 360 Digital Marketing Week, in a practical and immersive format, to prepare professionals and companies for online reality.

With several knowledge sharing projects, namely the W4B.TV and regular live broadcasts with news from the digital world.

He holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) specializing in Information Systems and e-Business. He has a degree and Master in Business Management, he is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), wich is the premier technical and instructional expert in Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions. MCTs are the only individuals that Microsoft authorizes to deliver training.

Consultant in national and multinational organizations, trainer and teacher in postgraduate and reference executive training.

Author of several reference books in the area - Marketing Digital 360, Redes Sociais 360, Vídeo Marketing, Marketing Digital de A a Z e mais recentemente, Agenda de Marketing e Redes Sociais.

Master Degree - Business Management: Provides a 360 ° view of the company, from the analysis as to the practices and strategies. Includes disciplines from different areas of Management and Business, such as Finance to the Information Systems, the Marketing and Human Resources, including new business models on the Internet.

MBA - Specialisation in Information Systems & e-Business: In a business environment, develop skills to face the  company's reality in an integrated way, learning to make decisions that meet the major challenges that currently faced by companies.

Graduate Degree -Business Management: Aims to train management professionals, and cover all aspects in the field of Management, providing a sensitivity that goes beyond the boundaries of the area of Business Sciences.

MMI Microsoft Master Instructor: As a Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor, has been achieved the highest level of certification possible for the world's leading desktop programs, earning recognition by employers, peers, and students.

W2B (CEO & Founder): Digital Marketing Solutions development.  Presently offers consulting services to companies, especially on e-business and digital marketing;  Flexible, innovative, practical solutions in the digital marketing area can be delivered through our online training or professional learning programmes.

Teacher: Guest lecturer in post-graduate and masters degree courses at several higher education institutions: Universidade do Minho, Isvouga, IPAM, IESF, ISAG, INP - Lisboa and Universidade Autónoma - Lisboa.

Trainer: Trainer, speaker and consultant in Digital Marketing Strategies, Video Marketing, Social Media, Mobile, Google, Content and ICT . He has already trained more than 20.000 professionals. 

Masters - ciclos de formação

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